Whether it is for one of the newest FPSOs in the Gulf of Mexico or mature assets off the Coast of Africa, PES provides maintenance and modifications to FPSOs.

Since 2005 PES has completed hundreds of jobs off the coast of Equatorial Guinea involving fabrication, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation scopes of work.  Examples include

  • M-60 Compressor Module Installation (750 ton module)
  • Water Injection Project
  • WAG Installation
  • Gas Generator Installation
  • Transfer Pump Installation
  • Installation of STB FWD Mooring Winches
  • STB Mezzanine Deck Fabrication and Install
  • HVAC and Bondstrand Installation,
  • M12 Produced Water Module Install and Additional Accommodation Units
  • Install Walkway, Landings, Infill Deck
  • Crude Oil Pump Electrification Project (COPE)
  • M-11 Shut down
  • Pump Room HVAC Upgrade
  • 10” FGH and Firewater Revisions
  • M-50 Installation and Pipe Supports
  • FLGL Retrofit
  • Install M-60 Cooler
  • M-11 Vessel Repairs
  • M-50 Turnaround
  • M-10 Demo Jet Wash Header and additional associated systems
  • C7 Flowline and Valve Access Platform