In 2009, Performance Energy Services (PES) was contracted to

  • Renew and replace damaged and corroded members of two receiving jetties and associated mooring and breasting dolphins.
  • Fabricate a 650 ton, 100 foot long jacket
  • Refurbish a 420 deck
  • Provide all mechanical and I&E hook-up / completion services, including pre-commissioning activities
  • PES successfully performed all scopes of work on a lump sum / negotiated price basis.


Large Jetty: Approximately 1.8 kilometers (1.1 miles) from the shoreline, the larger jetty was a 16 pile structure in 30 meters (98 feet) of water and consisted of a cellar deck and main deck. The main deck consisted of the loading arms and other related equipment necessary for the transfer of petroleum products to and from the transport vessels. The cellar deck is comprised of several truss rows running east and west and north and south. Each truss row consists of diagonal and horizontal braces.

Scope of Work for New Large Jetty

  • PES replaced 250 feet of perimeter beams. Fabricated and replaced 9 diagonal braces on 4 truss rows. The existing braces were cut and new sections were added and tied in to the the existing horizontal braces.
  • Fabricated and installed 90 pipe braces and fenders on six breasting dolphins
  • Removed and installed firefighting equipment
  • Blasted and painted the existing hull structure


Small Jetty: Approximately 1.7 kilometers (1 miles) from the shoreline, the small jetty was a barge type structure in 20 meters (65 feet) of water that had been elevated on four legs and permanently secured to the legs that support the structure . The internal areas of the structure consists of empty tanks, (similar to ballast tanks, although not used for that purpose) manifold piping and valves. The New Small Jetty has a boat landing and a walkway near the waterline to allow for the transfer of personnel and small items to the structure. On the main deck of jetty there are loading arms and other related equipment necessary for the safe transfer of petroleum products to and from the transport vessels.

 Scope of Work for New Small Jetty

  • There had been minimal maintenance performed on the structure itself; thereby necessitating major work to restore the structure. The scope of work for the new small jetty was primarily the hull renewals to the existing structure. The hull renewals consisted of replacing the bottom plating on more than half of the hull.
  • Removal of bottom plating and grating
  • The Transverse and Longitudinal Bulkheads and upright stiffeners were replaced in the bulkheads.
  • Replaced the fenders on each of the Breasting Dolphins
  • Removed and installed fire fighting equipment