Shenzi Water Injection Fabrication and Hook-up

Over a 24 month period beginning in January 2010, PES PES provided procurement, fabrication and installation services for a 320 ton Water Injection Pump Module and 600 Tons of Associated ICP for the Shenzi Deepwater Production Facility. The project also required installation of  of a 250 Ton Ultrafiltration system, 120 Ton Sulphate Removal System, Injection Charge Pump and Chemical Injection Skid  and deck reinforcement utilizing habitat technology.

Description: Fabricate and install 10” & 8” X-65 10K Pump Module, 2 x 72” x 116’ CIP Freshwater Storage Tanks for inside Hull Column, and associated ICP – 90/10 EEMUA CuNi, 2205 Duplex, 316 SS with 625 Inconel Overlay on Flange Faces, A790 Super Duplex, FRP Systems, Monel and A106 Drain and Vent Lines. Procurement and testing of all system valves and specialty items.


Unique Challenges

Specialty items: Frequency testing of all injection and sampling quills. 625 Inconel overlay on 316 SS 2”-18” Flanges on all systems after the Deaerator Tower. 10K Double Expanding Gate valves Manufactured in Italy with a 9 Month Delivery.

Over 28,000 individual components procured, staged and managed: Implemented  Logistics Material Management system to track 2,000 Line Items with bar codes and scanners, dedicated warehousing facility and staffing.

On-going design changes: Field Verified all Isometrics, red-lined changes and submitted to Client’s document control dept.